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Most of the audio is compressed as Ogg Vorbis / .ogg , so you will need a browser which supports free formats. Firefox is an option.

Current Projects

Spatial audio


Local Jungle Duo with cellist Nina Hitz

Unfolding Dance Music performance with dancer Manuela Tessi

Telluric Signals electromagnetic signals in the earth as sound

Telluric Signals

Telluric Signals


Anti-Delusion Mechanism

Spatial Audio

The work with spatial audio has grown almost naturally out of my interests in algebraic geometry.
These are binaural mixes: preferably use headphones to get some of the spatial experience

7sphere Karma, 2020, practically everything in this piece is generated with the 8 dimensional octonion algebra, the piece was made during a stay at CCRMA, Stanford

Syntropy 7times8, 2020, A spectral composition

Efflux, 2019, The 6 dimensional hypercube rotated and projected onto 3D creates the resonant framework, the synthesis has bits from mathematical quasicrystals

CCRMA concert
Concert at CCRMA, Stanford, march 2020, due to the covid-1984 panic the public event was officially canceled. The wonderful CCRMA staff did an amazing job streaming video and binaural audio pdf, extended program notes

Seven Sphere Journey

Audio Visual Theater Performance. Live performance at LAC, Linux Audio Conference, may 2017, link to youtube
seven sphere journey

Performance at xCoAx 2016, Bergamo
xCoAx xCoAx

Electroacoustic and Improvisation

I perform as vocalist or vocalist with an electronic setup. By far most is not documented, here are a few recordings.

NewSpeak, from the collaborative Apokalypsis Project with a textfragment from G. Orwell's 1984, recording from performance 2011

BigBrain IqIqExperts, from Eugenix , recorded 2005

My Wonderful Kingdom and its Loops of Loveliness.. Collaboration with violinist Jacob Plooij, text from J. Joyce' Finnegans Wake (mp3), 2007(?)

Local Jungle song 6 , improvisation with Nina Hitz - cello and voice, recorded 2018

apokalypsis pyramid

apokalypsis time

Apokalypsis 2010
In what spirit do we move over the waters?

Swineflu Vaccine - swallow the scroll



pictures from OOO Robodock,
Migration of the Souls
ADM 2012