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Corona Rituals

Chamber Music during a Mass Psychosis
electro acoustic transmutations of propaganda streams

Live concert for voice and electronics.
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Tech and Affiche

This project is aimed at existing as an evolving live performance on location, the follwing recordings are made for documentation purposes : Compression is Ogg Vorbis, so you need a browser that supports free software - due to harmonic density and dynamic range you will also need decent quality amplification / headphones to listen.

Lady Gaga and Dr. Tedros

Around the Sun


Corona Rituals Affiche

contact : v att frekvensverden dott dk

The concert consists of a series of stereo works for computer-generated sound and acoustic and processed voice. The style of this electroacoustic set is somewhere between noise, narrative and spectral. The works are structured with complexities which allow a great range of variation in performance. The project is initiated spring 2020. It is in it's essence an alchemically inspired attempt at processing our current political reality on a soul and spirit level. All audio processing is realized with free software. Synthesis and effects are written in C as custom created external objects for the sound programming environment Pure Data. Working on Linux systems. The sound-level of the concert is kept moderate - in range of the acoustic voice. When the location is suitable the event will include some dance / movement. Occasionally guest performers will contribute to the project.


The concert is aimed at audiences of sizes roughly 20 - 200. The length of the whole set is 45min. - 1h, but it can be performed in parts.
For very small events I carry my own amplification and will only need electricity. For venues / larger events it is a simple stereo setup: 2 lines to the mixer. Possibly a small table but no additional equipment is needed.

Download for a higher resolution affiche