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Local Jungle

Electroacoustic duo

Nina Hitz: Cello and Voice
Vilbjørg Broch: Voice and Electronics

The duo is formed in 2018, though we have been collaborating since many years. We play improvised and partly composed sets. Electroacoustic sets with amplification for the electronics (and if necessary amplification for voices and cello) Purely acoustic sets are also possible. Keywords are: spectral, theatrical, multi-tonal, mathematical chaos, nonperiodic order, historical transmutations, symmetry groups, organically grown poetics, free fall rhythmical landings.

contacts : ninahitz (att) xs4all (dott) nl
v (att) frekvensverden (dott) dk

Local Jungle Song 6

Free Fall Ceilings


blue cherries

Live in Rotterdam, june 2018