Reconnective Healing - The Reconnection:

I offer reconnective healing sessions. The function of the sessions is to introduce new frequencies to the body. A session takes 30 min. It can be done in person or at distance. The healer does not touch the clients body. The work takes place in the field around the body. Reconnective Healing does not treat symptoms, but rather offers the body an opportunity to restore balance, and open for receptance of frequencies. The effects of the sessions are wide range. Everything between little and miraculous. Personally I have for instance experienced many incidences where problems with the spine improved or vanished, but Reconnective Healing can be usefull in any situation. The results can occur instantaneously or after a while - In almost all cases a session is a great stress reliever. 1-3 sessions are recommended. More information on this sort of energy healing can be found on

Price after appointment. Contact : v (att) frekvensverden (dott) dk
danish phone : +45 53552631