Spatial Audio

The work with spatial audio has grown almost naturally out of my interests in algebraic geometry. The work is centered around algorithmic spatialization. Waveguide meshes are modeled from projections of higher dimesional algebraic and geometric structures. At this moment the work is realized as very large Pure Data externals. Encoding to ambisonics happens directly in the objects.


For binaural renderings it is necessary to listen with headphones. Stereo can be played on speakers or via headphones.

IEM 2021 Graz

7sphere Revisited, I revisited the world of the octonions and refined the tools. The unit length octonions make up the unit 7sphere. In a way one could say that this is a field recording on the 7sphere. I know that things are well behaved within a certain framework, but the way it is set up, then there are always new things to encounter.

Stereo :

Binaural :

Entartung Entkörperung Entgeistigung, The harmonic structure for this piece started by looking at some tiny fragments from Arnold Schönberg's opus 23 which is now written exactly 100 years ago. After that the movements transformed much and got woven into a microtonal spectral structure. Anyway, every time I look at some of Schönberg's music I perceive that he has had premonitions of jazz to come up through the century. So maybe that is what it became: little echos of distant premonitions. The text is by Rudolf Steiner, from lectures 1916 and 1917. So the piece brings together some very different, both highly visionary, aspects of Austrian culture. Voice: Jannick Knyrim. text and English translation

Stereo :

Binaural :

E8 work in progress_ The E8 is a mathematical object which was discovered more than 100 years ago. But just the last few decades it has become very popular among physicists who try to use it to explain various mysteries. The so called root system of the E8 generates a lattice in 8 dimensional space. As one slowly approaches just a fractional understanding of this, then a symmetry is revealed so gigantic and awe inspiring that it becomes cystal clear why all these mathematicians and scientists are becoming completely infatuated with this thing. The audio is very much work in progress. It could take years before I will arrive at something which, at least to some degree, expresses the sublimity of the E8. (If ever ?). It is sort of sonifications of the first mathematical understandings and explorations. Algorithmically it follows more or less what is happening in this animation: Gosset polytope - E8 - 3D projections .

Stereo :

Binaural :

CCRMA 2020 Stanford

7sphere Karma, 2020, practically everything in this piece is generated with the 8 dimensional octonion algebra. FM synthesis plays an important role, here octonion orbits are modulating the phases of other octonion orbits. The piece was made during a stay at CCRMA, Stanford

Syntropy 7times8, 2020, A spectral composition

Efflux, 2019, The 6 dimensional hypercube rotated and projected onto 3D creates the resonant framework, the synthesis has bits from mathematical quasicrystals

CCRMA concert
pdf, extended program notes

Various Work

Syntropy 77, Binaural rendering of composition for 5th order ambisonics - 5min15

The compositional structure for this piece was made winter 2021. But it is here reworked at the IEM summer 2021. Spatialization is realized through the Simplex23 waveguide mesh described on the IEM blog. The piece explores harmonic structures generated from the numbers 7 and 11, which usually do not have a place in traditional tuning systems. The synthesis has bits af quasicrystal waveforms, non-periodic order.


Residency blog, IEM, Graz may-Aug 2021

gosset polytope